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The date was held in a public place like a hotel lobby, and common values and lifestyle were taken for granted.

Not having to discuss how important having a Jewish home was on a ten point scale, you could get down to the business at hand: discerning your date’s middot, their attributes – like having a head for Torah learning or having aspirations for moral self-betterment – and measuring your level of physical attraction (yes, that counted as a factor).

It is a point that will certainly alter your life to life better.

It is things that will certainly make you many things around the globe as well as this cosmos, in the real life and also right here after.

If both the man and woman indicate a desire to see each other again, the program’s organizers provide the relevant phone numbers.

Olitzky with Joan Peterson Littman Jewish Lights Publishing: 2003 .95 176 pp One side of my family inhabits the “black hat” world of the scrupulously observant.

I don’t want to idealize that world, as you could find it tough to get a match, even a date, were a shanda in the closet discovered, such as a sibling with a genetic disease or learning disability, a history of depression, a parent whose business floundered.

I was relieved that I came from the side of the family that allowed its young to fall in love on their own.

Also, she has inherited a haunted house and she’s determined to live in it, even if she has to resort to drastic measures to get rid of the ghost: a bitter witch who won’t leave. Genre: Cozy / Paranormal Mystery Length: 55,000 words Most helpful customer reviews 2 of 2 people found the following review helpful.

But when her first attempt goes wrong and somebody winds up dead, Trinket is faced with too much ghost, plenty of murder, and a sexy werewolf who just won’t take no for an answer. it seems like that could have added some fun to the storyline By Charles R Allen The main character never develops a close relationship, with anybody. Since she is suppose to discover and develop her magical capabilities, it seems like that could have added some fun to the storyline, but nothing ever happened. Maybe giving her a trusted friend and some newly discovered magic would have lightened up the whole book! Five Stars By Kindle Customer Good read 0 of 0 people found the following review helpful.

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Typically, if we’re lucky, we may have witnessed Torah-inspired values, whether or not we can name them as such, in the lives of family members or friends who have influenced us, and it’s those lived examples of more ideal, more sacred ways of being human, that may guide our own behaviors when we’re entering and exiting relationships or building marriages and families.

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