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I was young and they were the agents that got to kick down the most doors. I was still finding my feet and didn’t really know what I was doing.I lasted a little over three years doing that before I left to be on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. I think back and try to imagine what it would have been like if I didn’t get on that plane.And at that time you had to work a certain amount of time or else you’d owe money for the police academy. I would never have found out that I had a decent shot at being the first Ultimate Fighter.I’d probably still be at home thinking, “Those guys on that show aren’t that great, I could have probably have beaten most of those guys.” My life would be really incomplete., a show that chronicled the lives of MMA fighters as they lived, trained, and fought together for a chance to compete in the UFC.Forrest has since gone on to win the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship and was recently inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.My wife and I also have marriage meetings every Sunday where for at least a couple of hours we talk about life. It’s nice because we have a list going throughout the week where we write down all the stressful conversations we’re saving for our weekly marriage meeting and then we don’t bring any of this stuff up to each other on the spot. Then when Sunday comes around we have a full agenda of all the things that we want to discuss.We can just lay it all out and deal with it in one go.

We have a weekly date night, but I don’t know if that’s enough. For instance, on date nights, we don’t talk about real life.I was in third grade and I had just lost a fight with a fourth grader—I still have no idea how I lost it so badly—but I remember being in the principal’s office. At the end of the day, you don’t let people push you around and sometimes it becomes physical, these things happen. We didn’t have a lot of money when I was younger but my mom remarried and was able to get a decent job, so that helped.At the time I was kind of a big goofy kid, a lot like now. I was very fortunate in a way because I believe you need to be poor when you’re young in order to acquire that hunger to lift yourself out of poverty.The FDA says it doesn’t kill you but they don’t actually know what it does.So, we try to stay away from those, things like aspartame or other synthetic foods. We stick to organically raised meat and organic vegetables as much as possible. But it’s hard when other kids are eating Mc Donald’s and you have to say, “No baby, we bought you this granola for a treat.” It’s a story about the world’s toughest nerd and in it, I paint myself as the villain because I am. So a couple of big football players from the University of Georgia and I decided to take a road trip from Georgia to Stanford.

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That big problem that was going to take up a lot of time at the Sunday meeting has worked itself out. She loves to play and she’s physically very tough but emotionally very sensitive. Sears method, we try to make sure she gets lots of sleep, and we try to watch what she eats.

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