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I also deplore the fact that you stuff a good deal of interesting material onto the internet — saving money perhaps, but forgetful of the fact that some older alumni do not use computers due to physical drawbacks of one kind of another – in my case, defective eyesight.With best wishes for the magazine, I remember the start of surprise I sustained when, many years ago, I heard a headmaster, not an Oxford man, refer to a pupil whom he had sent to ‘New’, and I can sympathise with Mr Seligman’s disquiet on hearing his college referred to in this way. Is it because ‘new’ is an adjective, as a friend of mine (from Corpus) suggested, or because ‘new’ is a monosyllable, or for some other reason? There is an explanation of the Old English alliterative metre by C S Lewis.

It was, in fact, the Labour Government that was responsible, pushing British rail to extend the scope of the closures.

The fossil fuel industry is welcomed, even encouraged by public subsidy, to destroy the climate for profit but pay nothing towards transitioning towards a sustainable future.

Perhaps to answer the question ‘Can Oxford save the world? It had evidently fallen out of a nest or from the sky but I couldn’t see any nest. I was a teacher and I borrowed a pipette from the school’s biology lab.

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