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If the number of times the game will be played is known to the players, then (by backward induction) two classically rational players will betray each other repeatedly, for the same reasons as the single-shot only outcome from which each player could only do worse by unilaterally changing strategy).The dilemma then is that mutual cooperation yields a better outcome than mutual defection but it is not the rational outcome because from a self-interested perspective, the choice to cooperate, at the individual level, is irrational.Nintendo’s patch notes are as standard and vague as ever, simply stating that the update: It’s become quite obvious that these vague “stability improvement” updates are just a sly way of saying “We found a security exploit and now it’s gone.If both players cooperate, they both receive the reward R for cooperating.If both defect, then neither one gains or loses anything.

On the assumption that the game can model transactions between two people requiring trust, cooperative behaviour in populations may be modeled by a multi-player, iterated, version of the game.

Nintendo’s older console just received a new update.

The update notes haven’t been exciting for Wii U in awhile, and nothing really changed this time either.

If both players defect, they both receive the punishment payoff P.

An extended "iterated" version of the game also exists, where the classic game is played repeatedly between the same prisoners, and consequently, both prisoners continuously have an opportunity to penalize the other for previous decisions.

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