Garmin nuvi 660 updating bluetooth firmware

Yesterday, while driving around town, suddenly the Nuvi 660 gave a message that it was downloading bluetooth update. I did note easy and successful pairing with my phone afterwards. I've only had that happen after I've run the webupdater (that had a BT update on it) and installed onto my 660, then the next time I booted up my GPSr in my car I have seen BT update in progress show on the screen.

There was a progress bar and after about 2 minutes it was done. I assumed that my device was just completing the BT update cycle.

Apparently this sequence will only work with the above error.

I hope this assists other if they encounter this problem. Strangely when it came back up the v2.7 upgrade had worked for me too.

I had updated the firmware, but that was maybe 2 weeks prior. Also at the power they transmit and the fact that users sometimes lose signals when they enter long tunnels or parking gargaes, it would seem that a sat update would not be reliable enough.

All of this and they already have an update function built into the unit (Webupdater).

I contacted the local Garmin support rep and I was given the following sequence to recover from this condition: 1. KEEP HOLDING the power button down and the display will flicker, do this until the pre boot mode message disappears.

This seems to take a long time (60 seconds at least). Once the pre boot mode message disappears release the power button and your device will perform some activities to recover from the above problem.

Here are some random tests for POIs near Toronto: Category Subcategory V4.60 V4.70 -------- ----------- ----- ----- Food All Food 4.48 3.46 Food Barbeque 8.36 7.09 Food Fast 3.42 2.58 Food German 93.68 75.06 Food Mexican 3.64 2.75 Bank/ATM 8.9 6.84 Shopping Shopping Ctr 7.72 5.94 Community Border Xing 63.08 48.39 Community City Hall 13.29 11.15 Community Police Stn 10.63 7.88 Entertainment Casino 134.47 104.44 Entertainment Movie Thtr 12.54 9.98 No problems encountered for the upgrade from 4.60 to 4.70 There is a 20% improvement in POI search times ("Improved Points of Interest searching" bullet in release notes).

Yes, it took at least 60sec for pre boot mode to disappear but once it did, unit was back to normal with v3.6 OS. I was on Wi Fi late at night with very good speed,it all took only about 5 minutes.

When I tried to do it again, I got the message that the 670 was already updated,tried to update again,got the message"The update file is corrupted".

the changes are listed Changes made from version 4.60 to 4.70: Added support for one traffic provider Improved Points of Interest searching Updated to 4.7 yesterday evening and did a check on my 660 this morning.

So for me the traffic services didn't seem to work as well after the "upgrade." Anyways I decided to revert back to v. No problems encountered for the upgrade from 4.60 to 4.70 There is little difference in POI search times as claimed in "Improved Points of Interest searching" bullet in release notes. I would expect someone at Garmin monitor's POI Factory (as I consider Factory to be the best) and probably implement some discussions we have read about.

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Have you recently connected your nuvi to the computer and updated the firmware?

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