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This is just a couple of observations I've made over the past few weeks about the less fair sex.

Simply thoughts and personal opinions, and if you find anything here offensive, you're probably right, but sorrynotsorry.

There was none of the 20th-century insistence on defining what is heterosexual or homosexual.

Charles James Fox, for example, adored dressing up and used to hobble around in high-heeled red shoes, frilly cuffs and bright blue hair.

Anyone who saw the skin-tight breeches in ITV’s Hornblower can understand why the lack of birth control in the 18th century had very little impact on public morals. Georgian men and women not only enjoyed a robust attitude towards sex, they positively relished breaking the rules set by their puritan forebears.

If anything, it is so-called cool Brittania which could learn a thing or two about honesty and tolerance.

This is a free online translator which will surely help you translate a text in the English language.Hand in hand with their acceptance of sex as an inevitable and necessary part of life was a healthier attitude to emotion.Georgian men were and continue to be models of manliness because they were capable of expressing strong feelings. The notorious libertine and Whig Party leader, Charles James Fox, famously burst into tears on the floor of the House of Commons after his mentor Edmund Burke denounced their friendship.The BBC’s adaptation of Vanity Fair may seem a little too sexy for some but all those bosoms and thighs are absolutely on target.In terms of raw sexuality, the Georgians are more than a match for the sophisticated post-modern Nineties.

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