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We have feelings and minds of are own so when you approach us don’t force us to say yes because when she says no, that’s the end of the conversatation not the beginning.

When a women says no, back away and leave her alone, don’t keep bothering her like an asshole.

To add on to this, I would recommend trying to sit by her in class and strike up a conversation during class a few times beforehand so that she's more comfortable with you and willing to spend time with you one on one.

Hey Lauraisreallycool, would you like to grab coffee sometime?

I personally would prefer if a guy simply struck up a conversation with me about how hard a problem was in the last homework, or how the class was going for us, and then eventually ask to hang out some time.

Once you understand how attraction works from a female perspective, you'll find it much easier to create attraction, and to avoid destroying it.

Or at least, when you screw up, you will know what you did wrong.

I'm having trouble interpreting the analysis of world politics in /r/worldnews and would love to sit down and go over it with someone.

I personally would not prefer this method, but mostly because I was in a very male-dominated major (computer science).

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