How to cope with dating a workaholic

It will give you some breathing and thinking space.Ultimately I think you need to leave him but I know that will feel like an impossible task atm.You better be sure you can emotionally handle this type of releationship before you get too deep in this rabbit hole.Consistent contact during the day -- short phone calls, emails, basically just a low-level reminder that someone is thinking of you.Wives often get bored when they have a workaholic husband.They resent the fact that their husband does not have much time for them.

You better learn to live with it and make him believe you are okay with his work schedule. If you go the other way, and complain about his work ethic, you are going to come off as appearing "child-like" and immature with a lack of understanding what the "real world" dictates to be successful.

Not only is their home life at doldrums, but also emotional the wife has to cope with a lot of boredom.

Since much of their husband’s time is spent in the office, they naturally feel their house and family are neglected.

I found my dog was an excellent companion and training and walking her gave me purpose.

If pets aren't an option what about studying for a new qualification.

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Perhaps you could adopt if you met someone else, but I think you should be focusing on yourself atm. Sound like you don't know what you want because you are depressed. Now you can take the steps to improve your life and your mental health.

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