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”, I bet that 99.9% of us would have answered without hesitation “I’d kill him then leave him”.And we would have answered that way because we never believed for one second that he would actually cheat!Here's a few ideas to help you through the Holidays and deal with all that holiday stress.Ahhhh..[...]Note from Jo Ann: I have searched through my archives for stories that I have not posted.We did not marry men that we thought were cheaters.The news coverage of Ray Rice brutally beating his fiancee unconscious has brought back a flood of memories for me.Recently I received an email question from a Christian husband asking what the biblical requirements of a husband were when his wife lashed out at him in anger, which is symptomatic of her severe premenstrual syndrome.

With Sex Addiction, unfortunately, [...]Often I get requests asking for advice or for me to provide e-mail addresses or phone numbers of other readers so that a personal connection can be made.I offer a unique Coaching Program that integrates both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and a Stress Management system specifically designed for Partners of sex addicts.Plans can be custom tailored to your needs and/or budget. For more information click the button below or go here: received this e-mail today from Stephanie.According to the precepts and commandments of scripture, a Christian husbands duty presents him with some considerable challenges and requires him treat his wife with tenderness and equal regard in the Lord at all times and during her PMS, his a response should include extra care by lavishing her with sympathy, patience, comfort, compassion, gentleness, love and forgiveness.Though the scriptures do not provide every detail concerning the Christian husbands treatment of his wife, theres plenty of simple, easy-to-understand information in the language of both Old Testament and New Testament to figure out pragmatic applications.

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Unfortunately this is just yet another [...]Think back when you first got married (maybe before kids and mortgages).

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