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In 2014, she was rumored to have been dating her This brought up some pretty huge waves for the fans because the chemistry of this duo was already much admired on screen.

That could have only been better if they were having an affair in the real life too.

Besides whenever she got asked about Hyun bin, she had a shy and cute smile on her face. Song Hye Kyo is the first to be reported as Hyun Bin’s girlfriend.

She is an actress who appeared on the cover of the magazine Vogue for the first time as Korean in 2007 and became an actress who represents South Korea.

He confessed “I want to fall in love with a woman and am also thinking about marriage” and said laughing “I used to wait till I turn to the age 30 but I have just realized I got past that age already.” He continued “I think about marriage. I have a dream about having a family.” And showing his concerns he added “I feel like more restricted by something as I get older.Though, no confirmation of their relationship is out yet.After that candid interview in 2014, Ha, Ji-won was further asked many more times if she was dating Hyun Bin who is 9 years younger to her. For that matter, they have never been spotted dating or hanging out in public either. In early 2015, when he appeared on MBC's " Sadly, as of 2018, Ha Ji-Won is not reported to have any boyfriend currently, nor the issue of her romance has hit the limelight.Hyun Bin was very busy with work left before serving compulsory military service and Song Hye Kyo also had very busy schedules at the same time.Unavoidably they couldn’t find much time to see each other and grew distance naturally.

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