Icarly freddie and carly dating episode

In the episode ISaw Him First Sam fight with Carly for Shane's heart4.

In IKiss Sam say she kissed a boy named Buddy in a port-a-potty5. They are not currently dating buut if you go to and search ICARLY cast on dating rumors it will tell you a bunch of information.

Sam and Freddie start dating they have Carly and Kayla settle a disagreement between them Carly and Kayla soon becomes annoyed when Sam and Freddie rely on her to play peacemaker and Carly is also frustrated when Sam and Freddie fail to show up until just thirty seconds before the next i Carly webcast.

Meanwhile Spencer builds a lawn in the Shay's loft causing Carly to say to Spencer you see this is why I don't like to leave the house even though Carly admits that it is nice looking at the fake stars Spencer mounted on the ceiling.

d=A7ZTSEGL - Mega Upload - Download==================================Episode 17: The i Carly gang try to prove there's a Bigfoot creature, the legendary apelike figure claimed to have been seen by thousands out there, after Carly's teacher gives her an F on a paper because she wrote about Bigfoot. They then devise a coded SOS message and get it to Gibby, who's doing home repairs for Spencer in exchange for setting up a camp in the loft. d=RO65N1LA - Mega Upload - Download=================================Episode 18-19: Carly, Sam and Freddie try to cheer up a lonely fan on her birthday, but they wind up as hostages in her house. Then Carly falls in love with Freddie for saving her life. In i Carly Isaved your life Carly and Freddie kiss *************************************************************** In the episode isaved your life they do kiss and start to… There are episode(s) where Carly and Freddie kiss though.in the episode "isaved a life" Carly sam and Freddie are doing a webcast outside and a truck/car comes out and almost hits Carly... Freddie pushes her out of the way and brakes and arm and leg and gets a cut on his head and Carly KISSES Freddie to say "Thankyou for saving my life" JANUARY 18th,2010 about isaved your life: The gang is doing a web cast outside and there was a taco truck coming and Carly was in the road so Freddie runs out and pushes Carly out of the way. when one of the icarly fan dares Carly to wear a bunny suit in public and offer to brush peoples teeth, then after leaving their crossing the street and Carly doesnt see a big taco truck cooming around the corner and Freddie does so he pushes Carly out of the way then he gets hurt and Carly nurses him back until hes well and then while their alone Carly kisses him and Carly falls in…

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