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well, this is the exact question that my brother has been asking me for past two months, the period over which I have been researching INTJs ; this is exactly what I asked myself when I came to know that I am INTJ myself ; this is what Quora & internet in general seem to be wondering so much; and now an A2A by an INTP ( ) !

Also, to say that there is no fuss - would be too modest & humble. I would thus, conclude that being an INTJ - is indeed special, and there is indeed ‘some fuss'. The combination of Dominant Ni (intuition) - makes us able to see ‘future'. Most times when youth are playing ‘love-games' , enjoying love, life & dating- we are busy building ‘our world' - our vision of ‘your world'. Have you heard of Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Christopher Nolan, Vishwanathan Anand, etc - all INTJs! Thus, most women are attracted to INTJs (atleast initially), due to the mystery & intriguing confidence -they have. [However, I must add here that these very features prove to be a curse for our female members. Just when you thought that INTJs are self-boasting narcissistic fools - let me tell you we know we are not the best at everything. We are highly self- critical and have very high standards for ourselves - and we work, over work to achieve them.7. This is also a reason - why you see so much INTJs related stuff on the net.12. People think we are emotionless psychopaths and not capable of love/relationship; well let me tell you our emotions run deep and INTJs are the most intense, soulful & caring partners anyone can dream of. We listen to others - when they have logic & facts to support - (True rationals). We Think, think, think - till the best comes out - (Our feeling dont pull us down, much). Tell me now, do you still think all this ‘INTJ fuss' is for no reason?

INTJs are ‘some fuss' because of following reasons:-According to above INTJs are the second most intelligent group, after INTPs. Not like some prophet - rather its our Thinking (Te) that does that. They are seen as ‘non-girlish' and often mistreated. Continuing from above we know - our weakness and how to address them. Why do you think most movie/story villains are INTJs - from Moriarty to Bane & from Hannibal Lecter to Amy (Gone girl). Nobody, just nobody except another INTJ gets us - and that is why all the ‘fuss' . We plan , work hard & get things done (True Planner). If you can believe in all the CIA fuss, what's not to believe in the INTJ fuss? Silently ‘shaping' the world ‘we' live in.;)…………PS :- More points may be added later.

So, here goes my answer.[note: that the question inherently assumes you have basic knowledge of MBTI & obviously there are going to be comparisons with other types - to show the ‘differences'. Also, I will try to keep narcissism to the minimum. Our society is mostly patriarchal - and thus certain masculine traits are highly valued. And efficient ‘ managers' are that rare in society - they are going to be valued.10. we never realised it but just when it was needed - it pops out - in form of a hunch. Also, Internet (& Quora included) - is full of INTJs. People want to know- how to date an INTJ , , etc, when we ourself having dating as our Achilles heel.

]Well honestly, I wouldn't say that being INTJ is all about fuss. I mean, we know we have some unique strengths (along with some weaknesses, ofcourse.) But its mostly good. Speaking less, independence, intelligence, confidence, dominance, thinking (rather than feeling; women are supposed to be feelers), planning type, intriguing, etc - all are highly valued masculine traits - all present in INTJs. We might not have ever seen a device but our ‘hunch' can tell us how to fix it - if someone asks us to. We dont like to socialise, but we like knowledge & discussions - so where do we go - INTERNET ! We are so in control of our emotions- People find us difficult to read; well guess what we ourselves cant read ourselves at times.

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If you need to be mean and intimidating toward someone, then you have to have an attitude of "I don't care what anyone thinks," a healthy dose of confidence, and the words to back it up. If it feels right, raise your eyebrows slightly as if to question them.

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