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But even as the remake misses the real point, it recreates the superficial stuff– doing its own version of the original, plot beat by plot beat, with the occasional substitution (fire-cupping instead of mysterious massage, a bucket of water on the bully instead of a hose, etc).The movie would have been better served if they’d struck out on their own a bit, and gone with the more accurate title (and by most accounts, their proposed one) of “The Kung Fu Kid.” Such a seemingly minor change would have done a lot to imply that while this is clearly by the Karate Kid (most people would understand the reference, and it wouldn’t matter to anyone who didn’t), it was its own animal and not a strict remake, so expectations can be adjusted accordingly.Anyway, when an unnerved Cheng rushes in, Dre does this crazy slow-mo flip that’s so perfectly executed and timed he kicks Cheng on the BACK of the head. {"initial Page Context": , "ga Account Numbers": ["UA-12967896-13"], "resource Data Cache": [, ], "trace Logger Data": , "context": {"unauth_id": "c531069540be4f3f9a711d82d2274555", "origin": "https:// "browser_locale": "en-US", "user_agent_platform": "other", "deep_link_default": "", "facebook_token": null, "is_authenticated": false, "is_retina": false, "browser_version": "3.0.5", "app_shell": false, "parent_request_identifier": null, "deep_link_action": null, "is_data_saver": false, "android_deep_link": "pinterest://pin/508695720386154622", "is_tablet_agent": false, "visible_url": "/pin/508695720386154622/?In addition to cashing in on a name recognition it doesn’t earn, it’s way too self-consciously slick and over-produced. Switching from humble 1980s karate to a very showy, acrobatic and complex type of kung fu is somewhat understandable (it’s all the rage these days), but that mixes terribly with making the players even younger: watching this wannabe-Bruce Lee stuff play out with pre-adolesecents only further highlights how silly & phony it all is… Of course drama is not exactly super-serious either, but teens are significantly closer to adulthood than children are. This movie is like the episode of Arrested Development where grade-schoolers act out a bleak prison drama.Tons of imagery from the film is meant to paint Jaden Smith as a junior badass, a pint-sized crouching tiger; except for maybe the image of practicing crane kicks at sunset, how many times do you look at Ralph Macchio in the original and think “Wow, he’s SO cool! And of course this problem is only a symptom of the wrongheadedness that drove the movie’s creation. Because that’s how old Jaden was when Daddy decided to make him a star.Jaden Smith is a cool teen, one of the many in the cool teen revolution that's going on right now.And one of the things that's on the official cool teen itinerary is sitting front row at New York Fashion Week with your new boo.

I know what I do of it by watching the relevant clips (and a few others) online, as well as reading reviews, talking to people and reading summaries on websites.Her name is Sarah Snyder, and she seems like she can live up to Jaden's expectations of cool.All eyes were on Smith and Snyder when they showed up to the Gypsy Sport runway show on Tuesday.Smith was sporting some of the fashion line himself, opting for a cool leopard-print varsity jacket.But everyone was more interested in the girl on his arm, Sarah Snyder, especially because they were K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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Dre power-slides on his knees under high attacks not once but twice, the combatants pull off crazy flips & tricks, one combatant goes flying several feet through the air when a blow knocks him out of the elevated ring (why is it elevated? But they even reproduce the moment where the bad kid gets a timeout with the bad master and is instructed to be extra nasty– right down to the part where the teacher grabs the kid’s face. It’s made worse by the fact that Cheng telegraphs it so hard, glancing at Dre’s wounded leg every couple seconds before he finally strikes it.

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