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Astrosexologist Kiki T., author of the ultimate astral guide to woo, coo, do and even shoo any man in the universe, “The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook,” and The Frisky’s Astrosexologist Extraordinaire has written some information about Alexander Skarsgård , our Eric Northman of HBO’s True Blood.

VITAL STATS Born: August 25, 1976, Stockholm, Sweden Sun: Virgo Ascendant: Unknown Moon: Virgo Mercury: Virgo Venus: Virgo Mars: Libra Love Style: Alex is a man on a mission.

Since Bill got a girlfriend, Eva and Bill happily went back to just being friends and colleagues.

It' been a few months and things are getting rocky between Bill and his girlfriend.

However, Bruce Timm remembered her and later cast her as "Queen Mera", the wife of Aquaman, for the Justice League (2001) episode, Justice League: The Enemy Below (2001).

Bill brings you to Sweden to meet his family for the first time.

However in this movie, there is a lot of sex scenes between your characters.

No, this is the guy that is all about love in the traditional sense and having relationships in a super-efficient way.

He wants a partnership that works as a team for all the conventional aspects of life—a woman to go to the movies with, someone to come home to, discuss world issues with, etc.

Many early starts and late nights they have become firm friends.

One day after filming Bill stayed the night, from then on they have been very good friends that sleep with each other.

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