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You don’t have to go far to hear about, or even see for yourself, the very pressing reality that is childhood obesity. Of the millions of children and families facing these daunting health concerns, three of them come forward and speak out in tonight’s “Too Fat for 15: The Obesity Crisis,” a first-ever town hall special on The Style Network. children, according to the CDC – and the results frightening – as this is the first generation of children not expected to live longer than their parents.For the first time, Jeff tells Ruby that she is truly sick and needs to hold herself more accountable for her actions.The truth hurts but Ruby said, “When Jeff told me I was sick, it killed me but it helped me…

Ruby was convinced that he would never be interested in her, but flirted her butt off anyway.

“They knew I was passionate about childhood obesity,” Alison Sweeney told us about becoming involved with the show. to prove her commitment to fitness and weight loss after an intervention of sorts from both her friends and trainer, this week’s episode focused on dating, and the insecurities it brings up for Ruby in terms of her weight, her tumultuous relationship with her ex, Denny, and perhaps surprising for some, her hair loss.

Saying that she’s a fan of the series, she added that “It’s so inspiring and so important to get this information out there.” Ruby got her groove back this week- and hopefully it sticks around. Ruby and her friends went to a fashion show for Evolution of Curves, a plus-size fashion line designed by a friend of Ruby’s, but she had her eye on something other than the clothes: a cute bartender, Ian.

Since the discovery of the forgotten letters in episode two, Ruby’s depression is escalating and her trainers, Drew and Shazi, are having trouble getting her to the gym.

In an effort to keep Ruby active, her trainers are turning the garage sale into a fitness endeavor.

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To her surprise, however, they exchanged phone numbers, and he texted her almost immediately.

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