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Our pay was Partytime Popcorn, Eckrich lunch meat, Faygo pop and New Era potato chips.It was about 1957 that I got to appear live on Bud Davies' Dance Party on CKLW-TV.My mother used to take me shopping "downtown" on a weekly basis. I'll never forget the day we were eating lunch when my mom told me to turn around. " I stared at him for the longest time and was so excited I could barely finish my lunch. A little bit adult with double entendres, great magic and an amazing way to connect with a bunch of angst ridden teenagers!Sitting right behind me was my absolute favorite TV star, Captain Jolly! I have such wonderful memories of those "good old days" riding the elevator at Hudson's to the 12th floor at Christmas to see Santa and do my Christmas shopping. When I think back to that night, it's just so ironic and proves the talent of Mr.Auntie Dee invited us back, but we never got a formal invitation as far as I knew.I always wanted to go back on, but thought that the ribbon malfunction had done us in.Toby expertly wiggled out of the commercial and let us go.

I was a regular on the Auntie Dee show for a number of years.

I was 13 at the time, and my dad picked up my first "official" date in his '54 Plymouth Belvedere with me.

Bud Davies was short in stature, but the teenagers loved him.

It was particularly special, since we were the only two "Negro" kids in our ballet class.

That experience, and dancing to "Cruising Down the River" that same year on the giant birthday cake stage erected in downtown's Campus Martius for Detroit's 250th anniversary, are never to be forgotten memories in a Detroit that, despite its problems, was a wondeful place to be a kid.

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Most theaters were divided into three sections; orchestra, balcony and gallery- with the gallery being the cheap seats.

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