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It goes beyond your typical "go left" tactics by pinning its art style to wacky boss fights and a demand for exploration that utilizes the ability to switch from 8-bit visuals to hand-drawn on the fly.The hitboxes and combat can be a bit hellish, but on aesthetics alone, is sci-fi on quaaludes.Sidon and Mipha are two of the most important members of the Zora, a race of aquatic beings that live in the northern part of Hyrule.Link heads to their Domain, per Sidon’s insistence, to — and here’s a spoiler warning, just in case — help recover one of the four Divine Beasts, and the whole watery quest is getting tons of people very, very fired up on Twitter. well, just take a look at Sidon: Both characters are svelte, charming and, dare we say it, sensual.Hell, Nintendo launched a new handheld console in March, and nine months later, it's become a hotbed for both indies and is a robust dating sim where you play a dad who dates other dads, but its irresistible charm comes from its depth.It goes to lengths to deconstruct the importance of fatherhood and how other characters deal with their own parental trials, and it balances those emotional moments with mindful dad tips, coffee puns (Americano Football) and Pokémon-style mini-games in which you try to destroy another dad's HP by bragging about your daughter.Where to buy: Steam and Humble Bundle and every Ubisoft series imaginable, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, since its story is one of the biggest surprises of the year.

It's also a game that rewards exploration and anyone willing to break every ceramic pot they find during a raid in hopes of stumbling upon a secret exotic helmet that... One is that it's still an early access title that's riddled with server issues and a lack of creative expression. At a glance, it's a sprawling epic that sits somewhere between a bestselling novel and an immersive Japanese high school simulator, and you'll spend close to 100-plus hours with it.

It's still a hyper-stylish beat-'em-up that's full of eccentric NPCs and outrageous cutscenes, and it's still hijinks galore when it comes to unrelated sidequests involving pool, bowling, karaoke, and engaging in impromptu dance battles with Vincent Vega wannabes.

What it does best is it never feels the need to separate itself from the main story -- which is still an immersive caricature of Japanese gangs and loyalty -- and that speaks volumes for the future of the series as .

is no dating game, but it doesn’t lack for romance.

Link experiences the platonic love of giant horses and dogs throughout his adventure — as well as the affections of two fishlike creatures, whom everyone really wants to date in real life.

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