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Get out of your head and into the game on our twice monthly coaching calls.We’ll meet for focused training, accountability and weekly exercises.On these calls, you’ll get support, advice and a kick in the pants, along with the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback from experienced coaches.At the beginning and end of each month you’ll take a short evaluation to track your progress.The odds are better that he'll make reservations ahead of time and not flake, and that he'll call you the next day.

We’ll focus on a new topic each month—like how to make a great first impression or how to turn attraction into connection.You can achieve this with the social skills you already have.Most dating programs focus on scripts and games to get women interested, but NEWS ALERT: You’re already irresistible—you just need to know how to access it.Challenges might be something like: Approach 3 women without talking about the weather.Your Boost Cheerleaders (that would be us, sorry, no miniskirts or pom poms) will hold you accountable on each exercise so you can build skills you’ll keep for life.

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