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Please come check us out, we are small but with your help we can grow! Why, you saddle up an island and take to the skies.RPINC's Administrator ~UALegion Roleplay is a board that just recently opened up and we are eagerly waiting for new members! We house several member based role plays as well as one site official Rp. Clockwork is a steampunk-fantasy roleplay which takes place atop Three main areas: discussion on autism spectrum disorders and related disorders, roleplaying (of course), and writing and other creative endeavors. We promote literate roleplays and have a staff that are all more than willing to help.

If you're new to the site, please check our FAQ or check out our games in one of the categories shown. Harry Potter themed RPG that allows players of all ages to experience the wizarding world first hand.From Social Societies to Creative Works to Journal Jotting and Roleplay forums, there is a little something for everyone.Not The Norm is a Roleplay where all sorts of characters are welcome. With the realms of our Roleplay Forums, we offer a place for a variety of settings and campaigns based upon one's personal tastes and preferences.The new king of England sent his ruthless son to stop piracy here. It is a never ending epic between many forces, filled with riveting storylines, extensively fleshed out environments, and seeking new players Rp Nation is a custom based user role playing community.You are free to create any role plays you wish & boasting over 1,000 members, many users will join.

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