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MSMoney Quotes has been broken recently due to changes in Microsoft's Quote Web Services. On 6/30/2019, I have revere-engineered the new Quote Web Services and updated MSMoney Quotes with the changes.

Please see the post for a link to download the update.

Users can then use any of the available information in their own cells or directly in formulas, as well.Unsure if this will work for you, or how it all works. The Trial is full-featured and can be run 60 times. Note: The trial is named MSMoney Quotes instead of MSMoney Microsoft has partnered with Nasdaq and Refinitiv to bring automatic pulling of stock info to Excel to enhance the experience of tracking stocks using from within Microsoft’s spreadsheet editing application.MSMoney Quotes can open your Money file (including password protected ones), obtain the list of securities in your portfolio, make calls to MSN Money’s new quote services to fetch data for these securities, and update your Money file.It follows nearly the same logic as the original Money code in terms of updating this information, and includes data such as last, change, open, high, low, 52 week high, 52 week low, PE, market cap and volume.

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