My computer keeps updating when shutting down

Your computer wasn’t doing anything at all when that message appeared on your screen, so it was safe to cut power to it. Instead of suddenly cutting power to the computer, why couldn’t the power button send a signal to the computer’s operating system saying “Hey, it’s time to shut down, finish up what you’re doing” and let the computer shut down intelligently?And, when you did shut down from the operating system, why did you have to sit at the computer and wait to press the power button once everything was done?If you did this on Windows 95, your computer would have to run Scan Disk when you booted it back up, attempting to repair all the damage caused by the shut down.When you clicked Shut Down in Windows first, Windows wrapped up everything it was doing, closing all open programs and saving all data to the disk.Why couldn’t the operating system say to the computer “it’s now safe to shut down, power off”?

Just as you wouldn’t yank a desktop computer’s power cord out of the outlet while it was running today, you wouldn’t press the power button to shut off then.RELATED: Your computer’s power button is smart, but this might be a problem in some situations.For example, if Windows is frozen and you press the power button, the computer would send the appropriate ACPI signal to Windows, but Windows wouldn’t be able to respond. For this reason, there’s a way to forcibly cut power to your computer in case you ever run into a problem. After a few seconds, the power will be cut to your computer and it will suddenly shut down.And, when you click Shut Down in Windows, it uses ACPI to send a signal to your computer’s hardware, telling it to cut the power so you don’t have to press the power button by hand.RELATED: In other words, your computer’s power button is smart enough to do the right thing.

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