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Did that mean things were over between you two (which would make the timing of the last fuck an insult)? Let him know that you were thinking about taking things to the next level—ughers to that phrase—before he told you about the other girl.

I am a hetero female, but one of my biggest fantasies is for a guy to dress up in women’s underwear.And you assumed that, when you did get around to letting him know, he would be delighted.Because he was the one who wanted a relationship at the beginning, right?—Left In The Lurch I can understand why you were upset.You had already taken things to the “next level” in your heart—you were thinking of this guy as your boyfriend—you just hadn’t gotten around to informing him about the upgrade.

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There’s oral (his-and-hers), anal (ditto), and mutual masturbation (underrated). —Dubious In Phoenix It was safe for the bottom—provided that overtaxed condom didn’t burst (here’s hoping they were using a more spacious, more durable female condom)—but it wasn’t safe for the tops. The first time I slept with him, he told me that he was interested in a relationship, and I told him that I wanted to keep things purely casual.

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