Outlook appointment tracking not updating

In the Outlook Web App, make sure you have a meeting request open and at least one attendee added.Click the “Attendees” cog and then click the “Allow Forwarding” toggle to turn it off for this meeting.Boomerang gives your entire organization an assistant that makes scheduling a breeze.From freelancers to soccer moms to CEOs to admins, organizing your email becomes more difficult each year.Only your free/busy information is shared, and the links expire, so your privacy is always protected.Scheduling meetings happens via email - Boomerang makes email good for scheduling meetings without errors!Regardless of what's on your business card, if you have a crowded inbox, Boomerang can help.

Add an assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better, more actionable emails in real time.

The Outlook team is adding -- and planning to add -- a bunch of new features across the many flavors of Outlook starting now and continuing through the summer.

In an April 30 blog post on what's now known as the "Microsoft 365" blog (formerly the Office blog), Microsoft officials detailed the coming updates and provided timing for them.

Office Lens integration with Outlook is coming to Outlook for Android in May.

Support for Office 365 Groups for One Note and meeting events will be added to Outlook for i OS in June.

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