Outlook slow updating cached messages

This issue can still be noticed if you have a very large Inbox folder, Sent folder, Trash folder, or any subscribed folder.

The recommended method of avoiding this outlook issue is to simply file away messages from these subscribed folders into archived / unsubscribed folders (this also keeps you email organized! Also, you can simply archive messages in outlook to clean them out of your mailbox (be careful as this WILL remove the messages from the server).

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If your Outlook is slow and unstable, it can put a serious drain on your productivity and even elevate the stress level. Solution #1: Maintain your PSTs at a reasonable size With Outlook 20 you can create “new style” PST files which do not have the old 2GB limit.

However, for best performance, it is still recommending to keep your PST files relatively small and not letting them grow too much above 1GB.

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