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Let’s talk straight for a moment about how to overcome the fear of rejection and how to stop being afraid of women in general.Below, I’ll reveal a big secret which will help you get over it so you can stop being scared of rejection.[Read: The top 9 reasons why many men get rejected by the girl they like] Where does the fear of rejection come from? Humans are social creatures and a fear of social rejection is built deep into our psyche. Most people do not overcome their fear of rejection. We tend to move away from potential pain, preferring to stay firmly in our comfort zone.We fear being alone or losing something that we have. [Read: How to learn from the fear of rejection] #2 You need to recognize two key points. To overcome the fear of rejection, embrace being uncomfortable.

Probably because I was terrified of speaking to girls myself until I was about 18-19 years old.Here’s how to overcome some of your fears and ask a girl out. If you do not go through with the desired action, you are in exactly the same place as if you do so and get rejected.You are in essence rejecting yourself, before giving someone else the opportunity to.When I found myself near an attractive girl I liked, every intelligent, clever, witty, smart and funny semblance of thought I had suddenly evaporated from my brain, just like that.My brain would become completely and totally blank and it always felt like I was an empty husk of a person.

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Every time someone doesn’t, you are one step closer to finding someone who does. Nothing beyond the short term emotional hit your ego takes.

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