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It all feels like it’s going somewhere, and sometimes it does. Of course not, that can happen but it’s by far the exception.

The higher the amount of upfront investment, the longer that two partners can reasonably be apart.

that one of the secrets to his and Lisa's joyous union is their ability to renew their partnership on the regular.

"Every seven years you have to reinvent the relationship — this is true not just for marriage, it's true for work and other friendships –- but especially in a marriage," he said. That was his strange way of saying his wife, Lisa Oz, has evolved throughout their marriage, and vice versa.

But beneath the outward appearance of a healthy and happy marriage, the doc and his wife are in the midst of one of the wackiest, most unconventional relationships we've ever seen. But their parents' attempt at hooking the two of them up didn't quite go as planned.

"She inspired me to learn about healthy eating in a way that no textbook could," he told So after that strange family dinner where Dr.Many also consider him a love guru of sorts, since his marriage to fellow television and radio personality, Lisa Oz (née Lisa Lemole), has outlasted most celebrity unions. host have been kind enough to share their own tips on how to maintain a blissful relationship.And after sustaining their own decades-long romance while raising four kids, they could surely teach us all a thing or two. She was staring at her future husband and she had no idea!For example, many of my friends have fathers who’ve started businesses abroad, returning to visit wife and kids home in ‘murica only a handful times a year.But typically, the husband and wife have spent years together building up their relationship before making a life change like this. I’ve wondered before about “ease of dating” between cities like LA vs SF vs NY. One pair has seen each other twice over the past 5 weeks.

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