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ALTER VIEW View-Name COMPILE ; Use Drop View statement to drop a view. Insert, Delete and Update on Views When you update a view oracle will update the underlying base table.

You can use DML operations on a view if the view does not include Group by, Start with, Connect by, Distinct clauses or any subqueries and set operations(Union, union all, intersect and minus).

We can use Create or Replace option to create views instead of dropping the view and recreating it, as with this option the privileges granted on the view are preserved, but the dependent stored programs and view become invalid.

DATE_OF_BIRTH, into voffender_history_id from dual; INSERT INTO FS_Test_history (OFFENDER_HISTORY_ID, OFFENDER_ID, FIRST_NAME, MIDDLE_NAME, LAST_NAME, RACE, SX, SKIN_TONE, HEIGHT, WEIGHT, EYE_COLOR, HAIR_COLOR, BLOOD_TYPE, MISCELLANEOUS, DATE_OF_BIRTH, PLACE_OF_BIRTH, TRANSACTION) VALUES ( voffender_history_id, :new. PUT_LINE('empid successfully updated into emp_backup table'); END; The above trigger named ’emp_after_update’ will be initiated whenever ’empid’ column in ’emp’ table gets updated.Now before updating ’empid’ column in ’emp’ table see the ’emp’ and ’emp_backup’ table records.1) Row level trigger - An event is triggered for each row upated, inserted or deleted.2) Statement level trigger - An event is triggered for each sql statement executed.

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We can create a trigger to update the 'product_price_history' table when the price of the product is updated in the 'product' table.

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