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With 25 years of Process & energy equipment sales experience , Mr. Salem serves key clients in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Salem develops (CHP) combined heat and power projects throughout North America. Not only feminists but girls in general are placed too high up on the pyramid and its because of the many desperate males out there giving them that feeling of superiority.Even the unsuccessful ones with no jobs, no nothing.

Face it gents, despite our perceived macho and dominance masculine BS, it is they who choose whether or not a relationship will take hold - and MPB is a big deterrent for them, so much so that they will choose a full headed male above us any day.

They live thriving in the fact that one day they'll trap some knight in shining armor and he'll take care of all her problems.

They want something to dance to, they'll get something to dance to. Face it, they choose us - we simply beg to be with them.

**** women, they have it ****in easy when it comes to dating, too ****ing's us blokes who have to suffer the worst, particularly when it comes to MPB.

Seriously dating is the dogs bollixx for most blokes, women have it too ****in easy despite all their whinging to the contrary. Even a bald as a cue woman can have a boyfriend easily.

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