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As a guy I don’t mind taking the initiative, but really appreciate and find it attractive when a girl does.

I like a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to make it known.

Whether you're a guy or a girl if you're the one making the initial moves you're going to run into people who don't like you.

It has nothing to do with your approach it just comes with the territory.

If rejection is too much for you to handle you can always take the passive route and wait for someone to initiate for you, just keep in mind that means you're going to miss a lot more opportunities that way.

This struck to me: "The reason it often works when the man pursues is because he likes you enough to put himself out there." When I pursued this guy, he definitely showed interest and I knew that he liked me too but it fizzled out quickly.

i second that, it is always great to be pursued and you want him to be pursuing you initially but i don't see anything wrong in suggesting or initiating dates with someone that you already have established an romantic relationship with or someone you know has an interest in you.

There are people who like you and people who don't.

It is not important whether he has already achieved all of his goals, but she definitely wants to know that he has some big goals and ambitions in life and that he is on the way to achieving them.

Is it only me that finds that if a girl approach a guy, it won't really last?

They feel flattered and accept it, but then it fizzles out quickly? In my previous relationships, I've had a more fulfilling relationship when the guy pursues. It was mostly just to meet up with a bunch of his friends for drinks and cards.

The secret to getting a woman to chase you is to make her feel intense attraction to your confidence and personality and then only give her a chance if she plays her cards right.

Most women are sick and tired of how easy most guys are to impress and they want a guy who not only has standards, but makes her feel the type of attraction that she wants to feel when with a guy…

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Depending on someone’s personality, the “too easy” thought doesn’t even cross my mind.

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