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The Australian Government cannot intervene on your behalf if you do not meet your destination's entry or exit requirements.

There have been several terrorist attacks in the Gulf region in recent years, including at places frequented by Westerners.

Days of national or commemorative significance may also prompt demonstrations or other unrest. Pickpocketing, bag snatching and other petty crime is rare but does occur. Unaccompanied women sometimes experience verbal and physical harassment.

The safety standards you might expect of transport and tour operators may not be met, including for 4x4 adventure activities in the desert.

Your passport is a valuable document and attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. Be aware of attempts to get access to your passport by deception.

If you're forced to hand over your passport, contact the Embassy for advice.

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  1. Nor can the Privacy Commissioner issue take-down notices. I think they largely do so, when read in conjunction with the limiting factors in clause 17. These offer informal resolution by the Agency, and a new court process for obtaining orders for take-down, cease-and-desist, and unmasking anonymous posters.