R niall and demi dating

We previously mentioned how the 1D member has been trying to woo Mz.

Demi Lovato for quite some time now and that they even Skype on occasion!

They seem to have that connection needed for it and the simple fact that they love music is a huge bond for the both of them.

Do you support a relationship between Niall and Demi? Otherwise it would be pointless and not healthy, which I am sure they both want to avoid.

And Niall Horan, 23, was seen hanging out with a mystery blonde friend at The Ivy Chelsea Garden restaurant in London on Friday.Here is what Demi told a UK magazine about Niall and her love for the boys of One Direction.Now for what Niall had to say about about Demi Lovato when the band was asked who had a crush on her, everyone including Niall wrote his name down.He doesn't have any plans in going into a relationship soon because he wants 'THE PERFECT' girl.He only had one girlfriend named Ashley, but he later broke up with her because he found out that she was only using him because of his fame & fortune.

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While Demi may not typically like the guys who look like Niall, he might be the change of pace that she wants.

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