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So I speak to big guys like CEOs and CFOs, you know.” “Sounds exciting” responds the second man. But I work very long hours and, I tell you, it takes a toll.” The banker lets out a long exhale and quickly checks his Blackberry to make sure he hasn’t received any new e-mails. I’ve got a few friends who also have demanding jobs with very long hours. It’s remarkable the number of hours they put in and the constant pressure they deal with. Not everyone can do it, to be honest with you.” The investment banker takes another sip.” So, tell me, what do you do? The investment bankers remains silent for a second. It’s no life at –.” “Listen,” interrupts the investment banker, sounding as if he’s just heard someone try to refute the law of gravity. Different world.” The second man acknowledges that the investment banking industry is very much cutthroat and that the man sitting across from him indeed has a very difficult job. The polished concierge enthusiastically recommends a well-known Mumbai institution only steps away from the hotel called Leopold Cafe. A waiter comes round and places two menus on the table. “So when do you return home to work, wherever that is? “The restaurant serves delectable dishes and popular drinks and is frequented by writers, artists, travellers, business people, Bollywood actors and even escaped convicts,” says the concierge with a head bobble. His eyes dart around the restaurant until he finally notices a couple whose table is being cleared. The second man picks up a menu and kindly offers it to the investment banker. I go from airport to hotel room to meeting places then back to the hotel room and then off to the airport. Wearing his Navy Blue jacket, khakis and burgundy loafers, the investment banker sets out to enjoy a drink or two and unwind a bit. He catches the host’s attention, points to the table and cries out “what about that table? “Thank you,” utters the investment banker as he grabs the menu yet is too busy staring at his smartphone to look up. , the investment banker thinks to himself with a smile. The host is too busy surveying the restaurant to respond right away. They’re done eating.” The host purposely ignores the investment banker. The same waiter comes round again but before he has a chance to ask what each of them would like to drink the investment banker, still staring at his blackberry, orders a gin and tonic, with Bombay Sapphire. A few minutes later the waiter returns with the drinks. Once upon a time there lived a diligent, thirty year old investment banker who was known to do little other than work. “You can sit with him.” The investment banker turns around to find an unassuming young man, probably in his late twenties, sporting a scruffy beard and wearing baggy blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of old white Converse shoes. The investment banker turns back around to face the host and nods reluctantly in agreement. Look, even if I’m not emailed or called it takes over a week to switch off properly. As he makes his way in, his phone goes off again and he comes to a sudden halt. And if I need to use an office then I can do so.” The investment banker is confused. He knows little about the company apart that they have a staff of 23 people in two offices: New York and San Francisco.

The story could also be the answer to Annabel's heartbreaking search--if Marina chooses to publish it. Desperately needing to make sense of her husband’s actions and his death, Annabelle begins to research Matthew’s The Banker’s Wife by Christina Alger is a 2018 G. But, when Annabelle is informed that Matthew has been killed in a plane crash, she’s not just devastated, she’s shocked to learn the details of the crash.

As she begins a desperate search for answers, she determines that Matthew's death was no accident, and that she is now in the crosshairs of his powerful enemies.

Meanwhile, ambitious society journalist Marina Tourneau has finally landed at the top.

But, if Annabelle isn’t careful, she could become collateral damage.

Meanwhile, Marina Tourneau, a reporter who is about to marry into a powerful New York family, is given the chance to work on one last story by her long -time mentor, Duncan.

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His young widow, Annabel, is left grappling with the secrets he left behind, On an early morning in November, a couple boards a private plane bound for Geneva, flying into a storm.

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