Rich dating back

I bought my original shared over 3 transactions in 2016 for the bargain prices of 14, 15, and 16 dollars and change per share.

The stock is up over /share today for that 27% gainer.

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We need more termites and locusts and pestilence for Rollins’ pest control business to take off, so feel free to leave your trash can lids off on the curb to attract some rats. I don’t mind the SFIX and WM not doing much so far.

I wasn’t going to write a post today but how could I not take a little victory lap?

As I write this it has nearly overtaken the powerful Shopify (SHOP) as the largest holding in the portfolio.

We’ll take that for now and hope not to flame out on this misguided and ill-fated journey.

We’re either going to the penthouse or the outhouse. Ever use any Match Group products you’re willing to admit? Late edit: just for fun I backed out the gains for the year to date of MTCH and SHOP.

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