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According to Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Shannon Sanders, “True love is not as common to come by as people might think.

Love songs connect with us because the experience is so rare, really.

She admits that eating eggs once in a while made her feel better.

However, she is committed to staying 90 percent vegan, as eating meat makes her feel guilty.

She said as much to People magazine at the TV Academy's annual Ribbon of Hope AIDS charity event in L.

From ancient Egyptians to Taylor Swift, people have been writing love songs for centuries.

Crowe desperately wanted the song for and initially Gabriel wasn’t interested.

Though Gabriel has never confirmed this, Cameron Crowe confirmed that Arquette was a major part of getting the song into one of the most romantic scenes in movie history.I am under it.” Over 4,000 years ago, a pharaoh felt the need to immortalize his loved one in song just before his death.That rivals John Cusack and his boom box for most romantic moment in musical history.The piece contained a number of shocking revelations, such as the fact that Weinstein settled out of court with no fewer than eight women who accused him of sexual assault or harassment.This piece of celebrity gossip can now be classified as "celebrity fact."Paul Mc Cartney and Rosanna Arquette "are spending more time together," according to Alexis Arquette.

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