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Gain better recovery by understanding a little about neurophysiology of sexual addiction. The sex addict, like any addict at the core, feels really different from others. Yeah, we may feel and work hard just like the other guy and work at looking normal, but deep down we don't feel the same as others and really don't feel loved.

(49 minutes) Click here to order Session 3: A Plan of Recovery - Just like "the force of addiction" had a plan of destruction, you must have a plan of recovery. I know this is bold to say, but I haven't ever seen anyone get long term freedom from sex addiction without it. In a marriage, we complain that our wives don't love us enough.

The nature of addiction is for "it" to become central in one's life-to become a "dictator." Addiction comes from the Latin, - to the dictator. 1) Motivation-You've got to want it out of your life.

2) Skill-You've got to learn how to get it is out of your life. Often sex addicts say they use it at night to go to sleep - a nightcap. Something that they do every day to remind them: 1) That they have a sexual addiction and need daily dose of the medicine of recovery; 2) There is hope for recovery and that it will work if they take certain steps; and 3) One must actually practice the steps (actions) and principles on a daily basis to recover. We realized that we needed more information or support or something, because we couldn't do it alone.1.

For recovery to be successfully, understanding, developing and putting into practice the plan will give you the greatest chance of sobriety. We may not express this openly or even have thought about this--but this is how we feel.

A home-based recovery program for sex addiction can save you some money and can get you started on the road to recovery.Click here to order Session 2: Relapse and Recovery - This coaching session with Erik will deal with slips and relapses in a compassionate way to help you learn how to get sober. Learn from your last relapse and gain wisdom from it.Identify what your triggers are and 3 questions to ask yourself that will prevent another slip. Sometimes, we think that if we didn't have these problems in the marriage, we wouldn't "use" sex so much. Sexual addiction can impact one's pocketbook, physical health and self esteem. We don't see how acting out sexually is causing all these other problems.

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But what if you can't afford therapy right now or are unable to take time off from work?

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