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Parker was obviously wary, but after several meetings with increasingly high-ranking Naval officers it became apparent that whatever it was, they were serious, and he eventually agreed to give this team a home in his military glider factory.

Among these was the ERA Atlas, an early military stored program computer, the basis of the Univac 1101, which was followed by the 1102, and then the 36-bit ERA 1103 (UNIVAC 1103).

Not even Bill Norris, the founder and president of CDC, could visit Cray's laboratory without an invitation.

In the early 1960s, the corporation moved to Ford Parkway in the Highland Park neighborhood of St. Through this period, Norris became increasingly worried that CDC had to develop a "critical mass" in order to compete with IBM.

If the division simply "gave" them away at cost as part of a system purchase, they would never have a real budget of their own.

Instead, a plan was established in which it would share profits with the divisions selling its peripherals, a plan eventually used throughout the company.

After several years of losses in the early 1980s, in 1988 CDC started to leave the computer manufacturing business and sell the related parts of the company, a process that was completed in 1992 with the creation of Control Data Systems, Inc.

In the early 1950s a minor political debate broke out in Congress about the Navy essentially "owning" ERA, and the ensuing debates and legal wrangling left the company drained of both capital and spirit. Although Rand kept the ERA team together and developing new products, it was most interested in ERA's magnetic drum memory systems.Cray in turn demanded (in 1962) to have his own remote lab, saying that otherwise, he would quit.Norris agreed, and Cray and his team moved to Cray's home town, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.The Navy never told Parker exactly what the team did, since it would have taken too long to get top secret clearance.Instead they simply said the team was important, and they would be very happy if he hired them all.

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Since the Sperry "big company" mentality encroached on the decision-making powers of the ERA employees, a number setting up shop in an old warehouse across the river from Sperry's St.

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