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Here is an example using the only English phrase that Citizen Lab found to be censored: This image also reveals that We Chat censorship uses a system that is more sophisticated than just blocking this or that sensitive word.While some terms, like “Falun Gong,” cause any message containing them to be rejected flat-out, the censorship usually works by looking for a combination of what Citizen Lab calls “keyword combinations.” In the example above, “human rights” is not blocked, but the full phrase “China arrest human rights defenders” is.Now, they’ve hacked together a new form of self-improvement club by combining the platform’s chat function with its payments tools.Groups are coalescing around everything from rolling out of bed earlier, to reaching fitness goals, to reading and writing more.What’s more, the app does not tell users that their message has been blocked.This only affects users with accounts registered to mainland Chinese mobile phone numbers, and usually only in We Chat group chats, which allow up to 500 users to converse simultaneously.They specifically looked at how We Chat treats messages related to China’s targeting of hundreds of human-rights lawyers—detaining, questioning, and disappearing them—in the so-called “709 Crackdown” that began on July 9, 2015.By attempting to send messages with text related to the crackdown and the lawyers affected, Citizen Lab found that politically sensitive material simply does not get sent on We Chat at all.

These methods are being employed by a new kind of We Chat support group, sprouting online among Chinese audiences.One young woman named Lei, started a group called “Wake up early” and recruited eight friends to join her.Members agree to text a wake-up message everyday at 8am to the group chat.All of these combinations, except one, are censored only in group chat.Only the combination “Taiwan Voice Support China Human Rights Lawyer” was also blocked in one-on-one messages.

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