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Stone and Gizinski allege that they testified truthfully on behalf of Schmidt at this proceeding.

The Court notes that the dates alleged in this case occasionally vary from the dates alleged for the same event in the Schmidt case. In early October 2011, Schmidt requested sufficient leave to allow for his medical treatment and filed a claim for workers compensation benefits. Provides services to child and adult sexual assault victims, including medical evaluation, evidence collection, and on-going group, individual, and family counseling. Case No.: GJH-17-353 Case No.: GJH-16-2592 EARL STONE, et al., Plaintiffs, v. Because Plaintiffs failed to provide timely notice of their potential state claims and did not exhaust their administrative remedies before bringing many of their federal claims, the majority of Plaintiffs claims will be dismissed. Many of those requirements have not been met by these Plaintiffs. If accepted as true, the facts alleged in the complaints filed by Plaintiffs Earl Stone, Ed Gizinski and Joseph Frohlich (collectively, "Plaintiffs") describe a troubling pattern of discrimination and retaliation by the Town of Cheverly, Maryland ("the Town"), the Cheverly Police Department ("the Police Department"), Chief of Police Harry Robshaw ("Chief Robshaw"), Town Administrator David Warrington ("Administrator Warrington") and Sergeant Jarod Towers ("Sergeant Towers"). But the remedies come with specific requirements that must be met before a plaintiff can pursue them in federal court.

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