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Her surprisingly large nipples had become erect, presumably because she was now cold because she was so wet.

Her eyes were as dark a brown as her shoulder length hair.She had strikingly pink lips which inspired many adolescent dreams of sucking, kissing, licking and fucking.She had a large bust above a slightly rounded stomach which gave way to two large thighs she would get out in the summer. I splashed some water at her, stopping the laughter instantly and changing into a shocked gasp for air. " She grabbed her glass of water and chucked it at me.I grabbed her bottom lip in my mouth, first lifting it into my mouth by sucking before lightly biting down, and nibbling it gently before letting go.My hands raced around her body, caressing her back before finally my left hand fell on her buttock and my right hand made haste with her bra.

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I was broad and muscular from years of playing rugby, with thick, dark chest hair. Our faces centimetres away, I looked into her eyes and we slowly stopped struggling. Her breasts were squashed against my chest, glistening with water like someone had let their load over her.

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