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Baffled and attempting to explain to them that I was too young for a spouse and also just moved to South Korea by myself, their next question was “Do you have a girlfriend?

” to which I replied (obviously) no and they all kind of laughed and giggled and then asked “Why?!

I am pleased to bring you the first guest writer to this is rocio—Rob Defina.

Rob is a Canadian writer that shares my passion for cultural ethnography.

In addition to this and other anniversaries, also remember, it is of tradition to celebrate every 100 days of your relationship! Oh and don’t forget Rose Day (May 14th) or Movie Day (Nov 14th) and Silver Day, Diary Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day and all the others I can’t be bothered to list! Kakao Talk, which is the common texting application in Korea, includes a feature that allows you to see when someone reads your messages.

” After a pause of the show and one quick google search (and now, after 7 months of living in South Korea) I can tell you that couple items are indeed quite the identifier.” The awkwardness ensued instantly and I decided to come up with a quick excuse. ”Since that day, she has reported several anecdotes to me about expats meeting Korean women and staying here and getting married and having families.All of which lead me to respond, nod my head and say “Ahhh.” Whether you feel it or not, the pressure is there.In fact, I’ve been told by a contact helping me write this blog that doing your make up and working on your appearance is considered a sign of respect when you are going to meet up with someone.In other words, how much effort you put into your image declares to that other person how much you value them.

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