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All this rotating reminds me of playing musical chairs at someone’s birthday party in elementary school.

Like all children’s games, it’s violent, brutal and aggressive.

Also, no prison confessions.” She’s been doing this for eight years, mostly in Jacksonville.

This is how I feel about dating in my late-20s, early-30s. Yes, there are plenty of chairs and chair-seekers left in the game.Guy Number Eight is studying to be a nurse; just moved from Athens (“Too many bars, too much football,” he says) and doesn’t want to meet a girl at a bar. He says Ellen just told him that the owner of one of the dating-industry companies she works for just married his girlfriend because she was about to be deported.Guy Number One tells me he’s “number one.” I pretend not to understand, to give him an out that he doesn’t take, choosing instead to repeat what he said, only louder. He’s the only man who asks me questions about myself the whole night.Speed dating works like this: Everyone gets a name tag with an assigned number, just like all the dystopian societies you read about in books.Perhaps this should be rechristened the Love-Hungry Games. Every six minutes, the event coordinator rings a dinner bell (no joke—a dinner bell) and the men rotate politely to the next table.

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