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But a solid majority, 59 percent, say they oppose using public money to build a ballyard.

This lack of enthusiasm, here and there, for springing for pricey ball yards on the public dime makes Sternberg’s baseball time-share delusion a longer shot than Apollo 11.

It is time for the conservatives to rally around him.

He can probably win with the President on his side. Yet the coming battle would be a lot less bloody if the conservative movement were to take the field on Moore’s behalf — and make it clear that from now on they are going to wage war for the President’s nominees.

It was entirely appropriate that the non-explanation explanation took place in the Salvador Dali Museum in St. A surreal idea promoted in a museum dedicated to the work of a surrealist.

Petersburg, and then finish the season playing in Montreal after the heat of subtropical Central Florida sets in.This year’s average of 14K and change is roughly half of the MLB average attendance.Only the Miami Marlins, a team with major problems, attracts fewer paying customers.These services allow people to provide personal information and do research for others using criteria such as a particular age, sex and selected areas.Stu Sternberg, principal owner of the Tampa Bay Rays of the American League East, held a press conference Tuesday afternoon, ostensibly to clarify and sell his idea of splitting his team’s home games between a new ballpark somewhere in the Tampa Bay area and a new ball park in Montreal.

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Three towns that have shown no political appetite for obliging their citizens to extend this kind of largess, even for a full-time team.

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