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To indicate what sort of messages a method can handle, the method is typically annotated with either the The handling method typically has one or more parameters that refer to various parts of the incoming XML message.Most commonly, the handling method will have a single parameter that will map to the payload of the message, but it is also possible to map to other parts of the request message, such as a SOAP header.Only when detection needs to be overriden, should these properties be set.The message dispatcher operates on a message context, and not transport-specific input stream and output stream.This is the approach shown in Section 3.7, “Publishing the WSDL”.The next application context snippet shows how to create such a dynamic WSDL file: element will follow all XSD imports and includes, and will inline them in the WSDL as a single XSD.It lends itself to a lighter alternative to conventional servlet containers.When using the embedded HTTP server, no external deployment descriptor is needed ().

The remoting module in the Core Spring Framework contains a convenient factory bean for the HTTP server: the Finally, Spring Web Services 2.0 introduced support for XMPP, otherwise known as Jabber. Spring Web Services support for XMPP is very similar to the other transports: there is a a Endpoints are the central concept in Spring-WS's server-side support.This greatly simplifies the deployment of the schemas, which still making it possible to edit them separately.The Even though it can be quite handy to create the WSDL at runtime from your XSDs, there are a couple of drawbacks to this approach.The has several properties, for setting endpoint adapters, mappings, exception resolvers.However, setting these properties is not required, since the dispatcher will automatically detect all of these types that are registered in the application context.

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