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Then its leap years based on 100 year and 400 year boundaries...

The system catalog views used in this query are: sys.tables provides one row for each table in a database.

You can configure the secondary data connection to save the results of the query on your users' computers so that they have access to the data when their form is not connected to a network.

Security Note: If you are using a secondary data connection to retrieve sensitive data from an external data source, you may want to disable this feature to help protect the data from unauthorized use in case the computer is lost or stolen.

It depends how far you want to go (and its unlikely you'll ever get to a 100% solution, as you would with a function).

Is it possible to use to_Date(column_name,'MM/DD/YYYY') in validation and if date comes in other format then in exception other than block can we update the column as invalid date format ? Thanks in advance May 06, 2016 - am UTC Without a function, you are going to have an enormous list of expressions etc within your SQL.

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If the format is different than 'MM/DD/YYYY' then it will update the error description column as invalid date format are not allowed to use function in this case .

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