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Stage Four: Mutuality While a monumental change began in Stage Three, it was still a time when old problems and fears reemerged, especially in stressful times.

Stage One: Romance The initial stage of love in marriage is romance, a time when couples nearly forget that they are unique individuals with separate identities.While Christian leaders offer differing opinions about how much sexual contact or interaction is appropriate, all of them agree that intercourse is not allowed. A wedding can be conducted in any location, but must be done by an ordained minister or priest.In Christianity, marriage is considered to be a very important decision, not to be entered into lightly.The intensity and turmoil of this stage varies among couples, but almost every couple engages in this struggle.Stage Three: Cooperation This stage is like a breath of fresh air for couples who have stayed the course and successfully navigated the perilous passage of power struggles.

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Marriage is a journey through predictable passages, or stages, of love.

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