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I didn't know people were so pumped and hyped on it.

However, I just want to be Josh the Dirt Bike Guy." Josh, how did you wind up meeting Stephanie Pratt and becoming a part of "The Hills" TV show?

But the past year has seen Hansen do more than just raise his profile through reality TV.

He was tapped by one of the godfathers of the supercross industry, Pro Circuit's Mitch Payton, before last summer's X Games to ride a Pro Circuit Kawasaki -- a decision that paid dividends for both parties.

I think everybody was looking at it from the outside looking on in.

I'm a racer, and I feel like I'm a good racer and I feel like I have the personality to do some stuff outside the sport. I'm not going to just stick in my own little world of racing.

And now, thanks to "The Hills," that's exactly what millions of casual X Games fans who don't know a two-stroke from a four-stroke will be doing.

"A lot of people follow that show," he said when we asked him what it was like to be a part of "The Hills." "It's kind of crazy because I've never followed the show.

The 26-year-old from Colorado was a rising star with several national amateur titles before going pro at 17.

Did Lo Bosworth ever make it down the aisle with Scott Hochstadt?

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Yeah, I went up there and was doing the show and was hanging out with Stephanie, and then I would come back. That's what I was doing and that's what I'm doing now. Leading up to it, Mitch started following the show and knew the storylines and everything.

As far as the show, did they write you into it or just kind of drop in on what you and Stephanie were doing? I kind of sensed he was into the whole thing and you riding at the test track as the curtain came down on the show.

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In April, Hansen returned to the supercross podium at Salt Lake City, winning the 250cc Lites and re-establishing himself as a threat well beyond the one-off arena of X Games.

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