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Apart from his Twitter and Instagram profiles, Stephen has a Wiki profile from where fans can dig in deeper with regards to his bio.However, Stephen’s bio is not without the numerous break ups he has had with numerous personalities.Again, that same year, in 2004, Stephen initiated a relationship with Lauren Conrad.However, having stayed together for months, Stephen and Lauren broke up.The California-born actor is the youngest of his siblings who are named Lauren, his sister, and John, his brother.Stephen’s high school education was completed at Laguria Beach High School.Therefore, Stephen Colletti is popular among movies and TV shows audiences.

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The series only lasted a couple of seasons, but it helped launch Port's success within the fashion world.

In 2008, she started her Whitney Eve clothing collection, telling that her affordable duds are for the lady "who wants to have fun with fashion who isn't afraid to stand out a bit, but also just really wants to be comfortable." Port has played herself in various TV shows and in the 2012 film , spending her years at UCLA as a Kappa Kappa Gamma.

She and her co-star hubby, Spencer Pratt, have spent , they were evicted from the U. series due to "arguments and drama." The couple has also invested a lot of time talking about financial struggles.

"Every time we'd go out to eat, we'd order ,000 bottles of wine," Pratt told in 2013.

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After graduation, she launched several business ventures, including a website called The Lo Down that features recipes, skin care, and style chatter, and an advice book about love and dating which was also called .

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