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It will enable one-click policy management for operators and will feature broad integrations with the rest of VMware's portfolio to provide tools such as visibility and health monitoring.

The other major announcement was Project Pacific, a new product which will be part of Tanzu when it's officially launched and which VMware global field and industry CTO Chris Wolf described as "the most significant innovation that's come out of our VMware v Sphere product line in the last 10 years".

This is another effort to use AI and machine learning to drive data centre automation, aimed specifically at v SAN.

Magna is a self-managing Saa S product which uses real-time data to optimise the read and/or write performance of customers' v SAN deployments.

"Project Pacific unites v Sphere and Kubernetes, and thanks to developers and operators, Project Pacific establishes v Sphere as the platform for modern applications.""We're building Kubernetes deep into v Sphere, and along the way, we're actually making v Sphere a much better place to run Kubernetes," added Joe Beda, Kubernetes co-creator and VMware principal engineer.

"Operations people have one platform where they can manage all of their resources, including virtual machine and Kubernetes resources.

Sadly though, this is only for US customers – there's no firm date for availability in other territories as yet.In addition to this, VMware's v Realize Automation 8.0 software also brings more improved governance, cloud-agnostic blueprints for service modelling and integrations with a number of Dev Ops tools.As with v Realize Operations, a Saa S-based version of this software is also being previewed, and the on-premise v Realise Suite 2019 has also been announced, bringing its core components up to the latest version.The company has unveiled v Realize Operations 8.0, which focuses in large part on applying machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics, in order to detect issues and optimise performance in real-time with minimal human intervention.On top of this, the company is previewing a new cloud-based version of this software, v Realize Operations Cloud, for its VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

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