Tips on dating bogotanos

Puerto Vallarta and Cabo are great, but I was not impressed with Cartagena.

I’ve eaten at some really nice places all for a bargain.Walked around on stage and elsewhere with huge, flopping hard-on dicks! Actually, I was impressed with the entire gay club. Bogota has to be one of the underrated gayest cities in the world.[quote] How about gay escorts - as good or abundant as Rio? Apparently there are five gay bathhouses/Turkish baths.4 stories tall, with 12 different rooms with different music (80s, techno, ranchera, etc.) Beautiful men everywhere. I am actually sad that I am leaving Bogota on Sunday to explore more of the countryside.The Cock in NY has strippers with hard dicks that you can play with for a tip.One funny thing: I hooked up with a hot guy my own age who kept referring to me as “si, señor.” It must be their polite US southern version of “sir.” Just funny hearing it in a non-service context, from someone my age.

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