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Indeed, our relationships play an important role in our overall mental and physical well-being and our relationships are a better predictor of how long we'll live than smoking or obesity!

But, if very few people are willing to date trans people, what does this mean for their health and well-being?

How can trans people best navigate the modern dating world?

Sometimes I wish I could have a relationship like the ones I see. Hopefully we as a society will begin to see that trans people deserve love, just like anyone else.I've found that Ok Cupid and Tinder are the most inclusive, having many options for sexualities and gender, especially transgender woman, man, non-binary and gender fluid.Even once we have been able to select the appropriate identities for yourself and the people you are interested, many trans people still might feel obligated to disclose that they are transgender explicitly in their profiles or early in the conversation.Although disclosing trans identity in the beginning of a conversation early in the messaging process can be hard because people cut off contact, it’s safer in the long run.Personally, I know that I am not ready to date yet.

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There are many dating websites and apps that state that they are “LGBTQ friendly” but for the most part dating sites are more LGBQ friendly than trans friendly.

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